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  • Powerful online platform for organizations to produce content, collaborate, share, and distribute content used by many leading organizations.
  • Online platform can scale as needed.
  • Secure online access from any browser, Android tablet, or iPad. Select access and permissions can be provided to contributors, partners, or customers.
  • Upload from HTML5, JAVA, watch folders, or integrated third party systems.
  • Users can organize, mark, build sequences, and then share with editors. Extension panel inside Premiere allows full access, with options for other NLEs.
  • Links can be shared for review/approval, branded email sharing, posting to web portals, or social media.
  • Native resolution content can be transcoded to various codecs and formats and then distributed as needed.
  • Options for managing local/on premise storage or archive systems.
  • Packages starting at only $399 monthly including web hosting.

Easily manage complete dailies workflows from ingest to editing to distribution.


  • The entire organization can host its own submission contest or build a permanent development platform for distribution and ecommerce applications.
  • Uses the same powerful technology that built RBH in the public cloud as a service or installed behind the corporate firewall.
  • Web and social media teams can promote the platform with optional help from RBH staff.
  • Simple upload of submissions using HTML5 or JAVA with self-descriptive tags. Third party companies can also provide upload services.
  • Access to the web accessible and tablet accessible content can optionally be made public for voting and comments, open to external judges, or restricted to development staff only.
  • The system can power your web site or be used to build a new branded portal.
  • Tools allow authorized users to organize, collaborate, share links, and deliver as needed.

Easily create branded portals for submission contests, distribution channels, e-commerce or development platform applications.


  • Apply the same powerful technology that major networks and organizations use.
  • Publish content to a custom streaming channel with optimized streaming to give customers the best experience regardless of connection or device.
  • Utilize your existing website or create a new portal with modern, responsive design.
  • Masters can be stored in Amazon or Azure archive or on premise, behind the corporate firewall.
  • Can selectively publish needed content to CDN/cloud streaming site to minimize costs.
  • Streaming content hosted in CDN or cloud storage to dynamically meet customer demand.
  • Send content to Netflix, Hulu, DirectTV, iTunes, and more

Create a modern online experience to maximize the value and exposure of your content.

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