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Frequently Asked Questions

About RBH

How does Real Big Hits work?

The REALBIGHITS.COM portal is on online library of great unique content for your consideration. Like a traditional agency, the RealBigHits team also targets sellers and curates content to get the best titles in your hands as quickly as possible.

As an agency, RBH works on a commission basis when titles are sold or licensed. In order to attract the widest possible variety of content, it charges only nominal fees from producers. This provides you with access to the largest possible library of content from the greatest variety of sources.

How can I create an account?

The website has a profile creation page, where you can enter information and preferences. Although it may take some time to create a profile, it is very important to simplify your browsing process. The more detail you provide, the more we can exclude inappropriate titles.

You will not receive a login until we have verified your credentials as a bona fide buyer. Many of our sellers have unreleased original content, so we take the protection of their IP very seriously. Do not sign up with a Gmail or similar email address, because you will be denied access without a corporate email.

How many sellers are on the site?

The total quantity grows over time, but there are 1000s of registered sellers. It is very important for you to setup your profile carefully you will not need to look at content inappropriate for your needs.

How can I screen content?

Select titles will be displayed based on your profile. You can also use filters and search to quickly find titles of potential interest. You can preview titles of interest and see summary details. For more information about titles, just add them to the lightbox and REQUEST MORE INFO.

Can I download and share titles with others?

No. To protect the IP of unreleased content, it must be previewed on the site. Your login is for your use alone. Others will need to setup their own login credentials. If you want a live group screening or information about any titles, then the RBH team is ready to help.

What rights are available?

This entirely depends on the title. Your buyer profile can be used to screen out any that do not match your needs.

How do I contact a producer / rights owner?

You can add clips to your “light box” to request further information.